Let me start by telling you a little secret – when it comes to appearance, silver dollars that were produced before the Morgan era were labeled as uninteresting and unimaginative. The silver coins that came after started to have a beautiful design and unique texture. Consequently, these silver dollars are considered highly collectible pieces and are desired no matter the year of production.

Although they are quite common coins, considering there were almost 29 million pieces minted in 1883, the Morgan silver dollars are hunted by passionate collectors. It’s true that most of them have an inferior condition and won’t be worth more than $20, but others, for example those with grade MS 65, can be pretty expensive and value more than $200.

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar History

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar History

The Morgan silver dollars are associated with an illustrious period of American history and were designed by the US Mint engraver George T. Morgan. Production began in 1878.

Check this table to overview the total mintage (number of coins struck) of 1883 Morgan silver dollars based on each American mint.

Mint Location Year Of Production Mintage Average Value
Philadelphia 1883 Around 12.3 million pieces $35+
Philadelphia 1883 Proof Just over 1000 pieces Over $3,000
San Francisco 1883 S Around 6.2 million pieces $35+
New Orleans 1883 O 8,725 million pieces $35+
Carson City 1883 CC Over 1 million pieces $200+

1883 Silver Dollar Design

One thing is for sure: the 1883 silver dollar, like all Morgan coins, is also appreciated for its appealing design. On the obverse, you will see the Lady Liberty bust, with the E PLURIBUS UNUM motto around the top rim and the mintage date placed at the bottom of the coin.

On the reverse side stands the American bald eagle, with its wings spread. A detailed wreath surrounds the bird. The famous IN GOD WE TRUST words are inscribed right between the eagle’s wingtips. ONE DOLLAR and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are also inscribed around the rim.

1883 Silver Dollar Value – Features That Influence The Final Price

1883 Silver Dollar Value – Features That Influence The Final Price

It is hard to tell from the first instance how much an 1883 silver dollar is worth. Why? Because each coin has specific characteristics that determine the final value.

So, the condition of the silver coin is the first thing to check, whether you are a beginner or already a professional collector. You should take a look at the coins’ surface and examine it closely, focusing on the details, possible wear signs, or flaws that can significantly affect the final price.

1883 Silver Dollar Condition

Soon after checking the year of production and its visibility, move on to the details. According to professionals, silver coins can be classified (graded) into a few categories…

Uncirculated 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar 

This is the most craved silver coin from the Morgan family, as it was never in circulation. Therefore, it presents no signs of wear, maintaining its natural luster. The most crucial detail to look at when checking this condition is lack of wear around Lady Liberty’s eye and the highest point of the cheek.

These areas usually have the earliest signs of wear. If the texture is still smooth, and the coin keeps the original glow, it means you are dealing with an extraordinary, rare uncirculated Morgan silver dollar.

Look at this 1883 silver dollar in uncirculated condition.

Uncirculated 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

Extremely Fine 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

Extremely fine Morgan silver dollars have slight signs of wear. Nevertheless, most details are still well defined. How do you know your coin is in extremely fine condition? Well, check the hair details behind Liberty’s ear and the blossoms above it.

In extra fine condition, Lady Liberty’s hair retains only the bolder lines, so expect the tiny details to fade away.

Additionally, the little blossoms and wheatears are well outlined; details are not entirely lost. An 1883 Morgan silver dollar in extra fine condition is a beautiful piece to add to the coin collection. The value can start from $45 for Philadelphia minted silver dollars to $138 for 1883 CC Morgan silver coin.

Extremely Fine 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

Good Condition Morgan Silver Dollars

Due to heavy wear and constant exchange, a 1883 silver dollar in good condition lacks a few elements. Lady Liberty’s portrait is more like an outline, and details are now in low relief. The hair curls are flattened. Therefore, expect the value of a coin in good condition to drop to around $24.

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar Varieties

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar Varieties

If you are searching for an 1883 silver dollar to add to your collection, you are lucky, as there are generous options on the market today, including those with high grades and even some scarce uncirculated pieces. The mint mark is an important indicator of the coin’s value.

1883 Morgan Silver Dollars With No Mint Mark

These Morgan silver dollars have no mint mark which indicates they have been minted in Philadelphia. They are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. Their diameter is 38.10 mm and they weigh 26.72 grams. The edges are reeded.

The value of 1883 silver dollars with no mint mark differs based on their condition. In uncirculated MS-65 condition, the Philadelphia 1883 silver dollar with no mint mark has reached the value of over $300, according to PCGS online auctions. However, the auction record for a Philadelphia 1883 Morgan silver dollar was $49,938 in 2015!

Keep in Mind!

The Philadelphia mint also produced Proof Morgan silver dollars in a very small quantity. These coins are way more expensive than the regular no-mint mark editions.

This video is an excellent introduction to the 1883 Silver Dollar with no mint mark.

1883 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

Carson City produced over 1.2 million silver dollars during 1883. However, experts estimate that only half of them survived after the melting process following the Pittman Act of 1918.

Most of the CC Morgan Silver Dollars were kept by the Treasury Department in Washington, DC. After spending many years here, they were finally sold to auction from the 1970s.

Minted in Carson City, these silver coins are pretty rare. Therefore, expect their price to be high. In online auctions, an MS65 1883 CC Morgan Silver Dollar will exceed the price of $500. The auction record for a 1883-CC Morgan silver dollar was $80,500 in 2012!

Check this video presentation of 1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollars.

1883 O Morgan Silver Dollar

These coins were minted in New Orleans and have an O mint mark on the coin’s reverse side, right below the wreath. Most of these coins reach a higher auction price. For instance, an 1883-O silver dollar in MS-68 grade was sold for a record of $60,000 in an online auction in January 2020.

1883 O Morgan Silver Dollar

Editor’s Note:

Since so many pieces of 1883-O Morgan silver dollars are available on the market, look for the well-struck coins since they are more valuable.

1883 S Morgan Silver Dollar

The San Francisco mint produced over 6 million Morgan silver dollars. Even though the number is impressive, these coins are still a rarity, as many of them were melted following the 1918 Pittman Act.

The most common 1883-S Morgan silver dollars on the market are in MS 62 and MS 63 grades. Finding one with an MS 65 grade is a challenge.

According to online auctions, one of the last pieces of 1883 S Morgan silver dollar in MS 65 sold in Oct 2021 for $24,000. However, the auction record for a 1883-S Morgan silver dollar was $74,750 in 2003!

1883 Silver Dollar Value Chart

1883 Silver Dollar Value Chart

Here’s an overview of the average 1883 silver dollars value, based on condition and mint mark.



Good Very Good Fine Very Fine Extremely Fine MS






1883 Silver Dollar No Mint Mark $25 $30 $36 $42 $45 $57 $245 $3,218
1883 CC Silver Dollar $69 $81 $95 $115 $138 $238 $586
1883 O Silver Dollar $24 $30 $36 $42 $45 $57 $201
1883 S Silver Dollar $24 $30 $36 $42 $61 $851 Over



Editor’s Note

Please, keep in mind that these prices are a rough guide and correct at the time of writing based on the USA coin book. These values may fluctuate due to auction sources, market types, or seller conditions.

1883 Silver Dollar Errors

1883 Silver Dollar Errors

There is one prominent error variety when it comes to 1883 silver dollars, which is the Sextupled Star type. This coin has a slight visible error on the stars, and if you look closely, you can see a slight misprint on the right side of the date.

However, only people that are in the business for a long time can notice this error without aid. The giveaway is “shelves” under the stars, indicating that a double die error has occurred six times. Another sign of this type of error is the tiny die crack between Lady Liberty’s neck and the number 1 and 8 from 1883. Rare and unusual errors like this are highly collectible and go for a high price. More information here!

Have a look at this top example of a Sextupled Star 1883 silver dollar.

Sextupled Star 1883 silver dollar


Q: What are the rarest “uncirculated” grade 1883 silver dollars?

A: Some specimens, such as the 1883-S San Francisco dollars, are really scarce. Coin collectors pay high prices for this type of Morgan silver dollar. The 1883-S Prooflike silver dollar auction record was in 2009 when this coin in MS-67 grade sold for $161,000. This was potentially the rarest and most valuable 1883 Morgan silver dollar sold so far!

Q: Where is the mint stamp placed on the 1883 Morgan Silver Dollars?

A: You can find the mint mark on the coin’s obverse side, between D and O in “dollar.” These marks indicate the four mints (Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Carson City) that produced silver dollars during this specific year.

Q: How do you clean silver coins without losing their value?

A: Vinegar and baking soda are the best cleaners that won’t damage the coin’s surface. However, we strongly recommend you go to professional cleaners; otherwise, you may lose the preciousness of your coins and devalue them significantly.

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