If you have the 1982 quarters, now is the time to get value out of them. The 1982 quarter has caught the eyes of collectors in recent times; hence, it’s good you know what they’re worth right now. This guide will benefit you if you’re looking to pocket a few bucks or even make thousands from your old coins.

The US Mint released several coins over the last four decades. Today, collectors have taken a particular interest in them and are willing to pay more for this old money. The scarcer they are, the higher their value — that’s what we can say for the 1982 mint, which became valuable when they were rare to find.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Summary: What’s the Value of the 1982 Quarter?

Today, some people have the uncirculated 1982 quarters in their possession; the reason isn’t far-fetched — they simply hoarded these coins in the period when they were used as a means of exchange. As a result, there was a shortage of uncirculated coins during that time. On the other hand, finding the circulated version of the 1982 quarters is relatively easy.

In the about uncirculated version, you can get the 1982-D and 1982-P quarters between $5 to $10. However, there have been auctions with successful resale value. For instance, the coins in the higher grades like the MS67 and MS68 grades are extremely rare.

An MS68 1982 quarter was sold at an auction in Illinois for $4,242 in 2015. You could get more, depending on how rare the quarter is. For example, a 1982-P 25C (regular strike) PCGS-certified MS68 coin sold at a record high of $10,200 in 2019.

Rarity/History of the 1982 Washington Quarter

The 80s was a time of the worst recession in the United States. During this time, many people faced the problem of unemployment, and the economy was challenging. Fast-forward to 1982; the United States Mint decided to make a couple of quarters, becoming a workhorse coin in the economy. As a result of the recession, many people put these coins to use as a means of exchange.

Eventually, there weren’t many of these coins left unused. Unlike other valuable old coins, the quarters were in circulation, and because of the recession, not many people saved.

Since it was a widely used coin, only a few people thought of hoarding it. It wasn’t expected to be a rare commodity, but the 1982 quarters have surprisingly become a rare find.

The 1982 quarters were made to have uncirculated business-strike coinage. They were part of the Souvenir sets minted by the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The Souvenir set included one each of one-cent, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar coins. There wasn’t any one dollar among these sets.

You could get the 1982 souvenir sets at gift shops. The Denver mint came in the darker blue envelope, while the Philadelphia mint was in the light blue envelope. At gift shops, one could purchase the set for $4.

The US Mint stopped making the annual uncirculated 1982 quarters in the same year. It was discontinued due to the rising recession and the need for budget cuts from the government.

While there was no more mintage of the 1982 quarters, the Mint officials had a chance to offer their uncirculated variations of the souvenir set. Many offered their 1982, such as Krause Publications, which had the largest of the 1982 quarters. A coin dealer in Illinois, Paul & Judy’s Coins, is another prominent supplier of these uncirculated 1982 coins. Today, these coins form a significant part of collectibles among numismatists.

Another thing to note is that the quality of the 1982 quarters was superior to other coins contained in these souvenir sets, which is why it has remained valuable.

How Valuable Is the 1982 Quarter (Price Chart)?

The 1982 quarters are worth more than their face value. Collectors have sought these coins over the years due to their rarity.

Today, many people look for the 1982 quarters, especially the lightly circulated ones. These coins are usually worth a premium value. One factor that influences the value of the 1982 quarters is its condition.

Here’s a table highlighting the different values of the 1982 Washington Quarter in various conditions:

Coin Value
Extremely Fine (EF) About Uncirculated (AU)
1982-P $2.50 $5
1982-D $2 $4
1982-S 88¢ $1.05

If you have the 1983 quarters in extremely fine grade, it’s certainly worth a lot. The 1982 quarters are worth a premium price at MS63 or higher. The worth is even doubled when preserved in a perfect circulated condition.

You can get them sold for more than their 25¢ face value. These coins have been sold for up to $4,000. In fact, the 1982-P quarter has sold for as high as $10,800 in a 2019 auction.

How the Value of the 1982 Washington Quarters Differs Among Variations

The Washington Quarters were minted between 1932 to 1998. Throughout this period, the coins were minted in Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. It’s easy to identify where each quarter was made as they had mintmarks. For the Philadelphia mint, the quarters had “P,” Denver “D,” and San Francisco “S.”

Here’s a table showing the different variants of the 1982 quarter, how their mint mark differs, and their different mintage:

Mint Mint Mark Total Mintage
Philadelphia Mint Letter P 500,931,000
Denver Mint Letter D 480,042,788
San Francisco Mint Letter S 3,857,479

The original design of the Washington quarters was by John Flanagan in 1932. The quarters had a 90% silver composition throughout 1964. However, this was superseded by a copper-nickel clad coin. The quarters had the traditional date design, and the coin included an eagle on the reverse side.

Let’s examine the different variants of the 1982 Quarter and their corresponding values.

1982-P Washington Quarter

The 1982-P quarter was produced at the Philadelphia mint. The coin is worth 30¢ to 85¢ in the circulated version. However, if you’re lucky to have it in an about uncirculated (AU) version, you can get as much as $1,700 for this quarter.

There were about 500,931,000 1982-P Quarters minted at the time. Like other Washington quarters, the observe and reverse design was by John Flanagan. The 1982-P quarter is made of copper-nickel clad composition and weighs about 5.67g.

1982-D Washington Quarter

This quarter was from the Denver mint. It’s worth around 25¢ to 50¢ in the circulated version. However, if you have a higher grade like the MS63 1982-D coin, you can get it for over a dollar.

For coins in perfect condition and grade MS67 or higher, this coin is worth $300; if the coin isn’t graded, you’ll likely get less. The 1982-D quarter comes in a copper-nickel or copper-clad planchets. Like the other variations of the coin, it was also designed by John Flanagan and weighed 5.7g.

1982-S Washington Quarter

The 1982-S quarter in good condition can be worth about 25¢, but if it’s graded, you can get up to $5 for it, depending on the condition. The San Francisco mint made 3,857,000 of these quarters in 1982. Unlike the 1982-P and 1982-D quarters, the San Francisco mint coins were made only for collectorsthese coins weren’t released or circulated.

Errors in the 1982 Quarters

Like most old coins, errors are likely to be present among them. If you’re familiar with collecting coins, you should know this. The errors, however, are good because they even add to the value. However, not all errors in the 1982 quarters will fetch you money; some errors might even devalue the coin.

So what errors should you look out for in your 1982 quarters? Before we discuss the errors in the 1982 coins, we’ll look at how to identify them.

How to Spot 1982 Quarter Error Coins

It’s not an easy task finding an error on coins. However, knowing what to look for is important.

Like most US Mints, the 1982 quarter also has identifiable errors. You can identify the errors by looking to find any abnormalities. There can be a mis-strike or a die flaw during the coin’s production. However, the errors from worn-out coins usually don’t have any value.

The following methods can quickly help you decipher errors in the 1982 quarters:

  • Searching

You can use a magnifying glass to check the coin. Look for every possible coin error on the coin. If there’s one, it should be more obvious to see. You can search by using coin rolls, but it’ll take much of your time.

  • Cherry Picking

Here’s another way you can search for errors in your 1982 quarters. This process involves looking through groups of coins. You’ll search them individually and, if possible, with a coin lot during an estate sale.

Types of 1982 Quarter Errors

Different errors have been detected in the 1982 quarters over time. We’ll mention some of them as we proceed. However, before that, here’s a quick overview of the most prominent ones and their associated values:

Error Coin Value
1982 D- Double Die Up to $1,500
1982-D Misaligned Die Error Up to $1,800
1982-P Strike Through Error Up to $865
  • Die Errors

Sometimes, during the minting process, die errors can ensue. The die error can affect the coin’s surface’s date, lettering, or images. There have been some double die errors or, like in this case of this 1982-P quarter, a misaligned die error.

  • Strike Errors

Strike Errors

Another error observed on a 1982 coin is a strike error; this is also a minting error. It happens when the die is pressed into the coin. It can be a misaligned strike or an off-center strike. It can also cause some other oddities on the coin.

  • Mint Mark Error

Mint Mark Error

The mint mark error is quite common in US mints. As we mentioned, each of the mints carries the letter of its location. So when, for instance, a Denver mint with a “D” Mint Mark isn’t clear, that’s an error. Here’s a 1982-D quarter with a mint mark error.

Additional Tips:

You should know that not all the errors you find on a coin are from the US mint; some errors can result from use. For instance, chipping, faded images, or letters aren’t from the mint.

If your 1982 quarter is damaged, it won’t have any value because they aren’t seen as errors. If you have a 1982 quarter value no mint mark error coin, you’ll get between $1 and $9 for it. Moreover, at online auctions, a 1982 D quarter double die value can be up to $1,500 or more.


What’s the 1982 Washington Quarter value?

The 1982 Washington Quarters are more valuable than their 25¢ value. These coins gained value as they became rare over time, and very few people preserved them. One of the most notable sales was the 1982-P Quarter which sold at $10,200. Suffice to say, if you have the 1982 quarter graded and of good quality, you’ll get value from it.

How much is the 1982 D Quarter value?

The 1982-D quarter is worth more than its face value. Depending on its condition, you can get it sold at a reasonable price. For instance, a 1982-D coin in an extremely fine condition will go for about $2. At the same time, a near uncirculated coin will be worth $4. If you have a quarter with an MS68 grade, it could be worth $4,000.

Do collectors of the 1982 Quarter value error coins?

Yes — like most Washington quarters, the 1982 quarter has recorded some errors, and collectors value these error coins since most add value to the coins. In fact, some sell for as high as $1,800. Some common errors in the 1982 quarter are double die, strike-through, and mint mark errors, among others.

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Are 1982 Quarters very rare?

Yes, most of the quarters that were made in the early 80s are considered rare.

The 1982 quarters in MS68 grade are the rarest because not many people stored these coins. It’s even more difficult to find the MS67 grade.

The PSGS has only been able to verify 14 MS67 1982 quarters so far. They were widely circulated until the government stopped its production, which caused them to be scarce.

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Final Thoughts

The 1982 Quarters are one of the most valuable coins today. These coins took the market by surprise as they were widely in circulation. Anyone with these coins is lucky because they hold more value than the 25¢. We hope this guide has given you enough information about the value of this quarter.

Now that you know how much your 1982 quarters are worth, you can go ahead to grade them. Who knows? You might get a reasonable price for them. Make sure to look out for minting errors on the coins, as they’re likely to multiply the coin’s value. You can sell them at auctions or find a suitable buyer on eCommerce websites like eBay.

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