Coin collectors have noticed the seemingly high value of the 2020 bat quarter. There were five distinct designs honoring the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, and they’ve become increasingly popular in a short time.

This guide examines how to identify this valuable American coin and why we think it will be worth a fortune in the near future.

What’s the 2020 Bat Quarter?What’s the 2020 Bat Quarter


In the year 2020, there were five different American Beautiful quarters. The designs covered the following jurisdictions:

  • Vermont
  • Connecticut
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Kansas
  • American Samoa

They were all represented in these commemorative quarters. However, one of the unique designs depicts a Samoan fruit bat mother in the National Park of American Samoa and was among the first series introduced.

American Samoa is among the largest native mammals and is vital to the pollination of local plants and the dispersal of plant seeds. Due to habitat loss and commercial hunting, fruit bats are now on the verge of extinction.

American Samoa’s standard 2020 quarters were clad with copper and nickel. Today, these clad proof and silver proof quarters fetch higher prices, reinforcing their value. Next, we’ll look at how to identify the authentic 2020 bat quarter coin.

How to Identify the 2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarter

How to Identify the 2020 National Park of American Samoa Quarter

Here are key factors to help you identify these coins:


The coin’s reverse depicts a mother and her pup—both Samoan fruit bats—hanging upside down. These fruit bats are native to American Samoa, where they’re a vulnerable species because of habitat loss.

These bats are found today in the American Samoa National Historical Park. There are approximately 13,000 acres of land within this national park.

Coin Data

The American Samoa quarters are part of America the Beautiful Quarters® program and are available in various series. They include the following:

  • The 2020 P quarter
  • 2020 D quarter
  • 2020 W quarter
  • 2020 S quarter
  • 2020 S proof quarter
  • 2020 S silver proof quarter

The 2020 bat quarters are part of the proof coins, and as the name suggests, these regular coins have been enhanced with additional detail. Their production is more time-consuming as they’re minted using specialized dies. They’re made for collectors only, so they’re very rare.

As a tribute to the 75th anniversary of World War II’s end, the 2020 W quarters feature a V75 privy mark. Also, take note that the “IN GOD WE TRUST” motto appears beneath the mint mark on the obverse of each coin.


The coin’s value will vary based on the rarity of the series and the coin’s condition. For the clad quarters, it’s not worth more than $0.25 when you buy a standard 2020 American Samoa National Park quarter in circulated condition. However, getting the uncirculated variants is the only way to get a great value from these coins.

The 2020 P and 2020 D National Park of American Samoa quarters have an MS 63 grade and are worth about $0.75 each in uncirculated form. On the other hand, the price of an MS 65 uncirculated coin sits around $1.

The National Park of American Samoa 2020 W quarter MS 63 uncirculated value is around $10. What’s more, the MS 65 uncirculated coin is worth about $25.

An MS 63 uncirculated 2020 S National Park of American Samoa quarter is worth about $2, while the MS 65 uncirculated coin has a value of around $3. If you get the PR 66DC-condition 2020 S Proof National Park of American Samoa quarter, it’s worth $4.50 in this year’s issue. However, the PR 69DC is worth somewhere around $15.

At the very least, the silver-proof quarters are worth the silver it’s minted from. As of May 20, 2022, this coin’s silver melt value was valued at $4.44. To arrive at this value, one will need to use the current silver spot price of $21.75 an ounce.

For a 2020 S silver proof National Park of American Samoa quarter in PR 66DC condition, the going rate is about $12, while a coin in the PR 69DC condition is worth about $20.

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Grading System

A few blemishes or contact marks may abound in the primary focus areas of MS 63 choice uncirculated. This is because the coin’s luster may not be as pronounced.

There are a lot of sparkles and visual appeal to this MS 65 gem uncirculated coin. Light contact marks may be visible, but they’re barely noticeable.

On the PR 66DC proof, there are only a few minor blemishes. The 69DC proof, on the other hand, has the tiniest imperfections.

Interesting Facts to Know About the National Park 2020 Bat Quarter

the National Park 2020 Bat Quarter

The 2020 bat quarters surfaced in 2020, and there’s a lot to learn about these valuable coins. It’s interesting to know why the bat appears on these coins and many other facts. So, here’s what you need to know about how they came to be:

1. It was decided in 2008.

A new legislation for the coin—Public Law 110–456—was signed into law on December 23, 2008. The Quarter-dollar coins bearing images of national parks and other national sites were to be minted in every state under the America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008.

2. It’s 51 in a series of 56.

The US Mint began issuing quarters in 2010. Five quarters depicting national parks and other landmarks are issued each year, totaling 56 designs. It was released on April 19, 2010, and featured Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.

3. It celebrates the American Samoa National Park.

Tim Geithner—the former Treasury Secretary—selected all of the locations after consulting with the governors or other leaders of each state or jurisdiction, as well as Kenneth Salazar, the former Interior Secretary. The National Park of American Samoa—located 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii—is one of the most remote parks in the United States National Park System. A total of 13,500 acres, or 4%, of the park’s total land area, is submerged.

4. It depicts the Unique Samoan Fruit Bat.

In American Samoa, there are three types of fruit bats, but the Samoan fruit bat, Pteropus samoensis (pe’a vao), is the image you see on the quarter. It’s currently only found in Samoa and Fiji.

These big bats have wingspans of up to 3 ft wide, making them extremely dangerous. Despite being able to fly on their own, young birds continue to be cared for by their parents, perhaps until they reach adulthood or become active on their own.

5. It promotes awareness to preserve the habitat.

The coins depict Samoan fruit bats, along with their baby. In this image, you can see how much time and effort this species devotes to their offspring. The species have the endangered status tag due to habitat destruction and commercial hunting. Only in the United States can you find the Samoan fruit bat, right in the American Samoa National Park.

6. A woman sculpted the coin.

Richard Masters designed the coin, while Phebe Hemphill sculpted it. One of Hemphill’s many clients has been the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where the artist has worked on various projects, including figurines and toys. She worked as a sculptor for McFarlane Toys in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, before joining the United States Mint’s medallic artist team in 2006.

7. It was circulated on February 3, 2020.

The National Park quarter of 2020 was released in February, along with its other numbered quarters.

Why’s the National Park 2020 Bat Quarter Special?

Why’s the National Park 2020 Bat Quarter Special

Throughout the years, the US Mint has produced a variety of coins to honor coin collectors and the hobby. Notably, in 1992, the United States Mint issued its first collector-themed coin, commemorating Christopher Columbus’s 500th anniversary of his first voyage to the New World. In this case, the 2020 bat quarters were part of the tribute to the US National Park System.

Are the 2020 Bat Quarters Valuable and Worth it?

If you’re wondering which Washington National Park quarters will be worth the most in the future, investing in 2020’s quarters may be a sound investment strategy. However, the condition and the mint mark determine how much your coin is worth. As we mentioned earlier, a commercially available coin is worth between $1 and $2, but the uncirculated coins can be worth between $12 and $20.

Be on the lookout for vendors offering limited-time deals for the 2020 bat quarter. If you decide to sell your valuable coins, a few coin dealers offer incentives to buyers who present 2020-W quarters as a form of payment. As with any coin, the value of your 2020 bat quarter will fluctuate based on its condition and whether or not you had a professional appraisal of its worth.

Commemorating some of the country’s most scenic and historic national sites and treasures, the Commemorative Coin Series includes designs found nowhere else. The sight of 2020 bat quarters is certainly one to behold for coin collectors and coin roll hunters alike.

Identifying the 2020 Bat Quarter Errors

Identifying the 2020 Bat Quarter Errors

If you plan on collecting these unique coins, it’s important you know what to check for. Be on the lookout for any 2020 American Samoa National Park Quarters that have typos because 2020 was a year full of blunders.

The errors on the US Mint’s coins were also very pronounced. Due to a projected shortage of coins in 2020, the mint was forced to increase the production of these coins. As a result, quality suffered chiefly due to the mint’s need to produce more quarters at a lower cost per unit.

For instance, if you look at the nose of the mother bat, you may notice a tiny die chip. Also, in the letters AMERICA, you may see some doubling across the letters. The 2020 American Samoa National Park Quarter features a form of doubling in several letters of the word “America.”

Were you aware that you can find machine-doubled coins on genuine doubled dies?  Quarters with a doubled die variety are even more valuable. On the other hand, you may sell coins that have been doubled by a machine on secondary markets like eBay.

Another error we won’t fail to mention is the ones you see in the letters “U” and “M” of UNUM – a type of doubling. It’s one of the things inexperienced collectors overlook but can help you seal a good deal when valuing these coins.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, document your findings with clear photos and a detailed description. After creating and launching your listings, you’ll need to exercise patience. With a keen eye for such details, you’ll be able to flip coins like a house in no time.

Other common errors include off-center errors, feeder finger errors, struck-through errors, etc. As a result, you shouldn’t limit your search to the 2020 West Point privy mint mark quarters.

A rare and valuable coin may trade at face value without you realizing it. Consider purchasing a coin microscope, as it’s one of the most important tools for finding quarter errors.

High mint state 2020 American Samoa quarters are only available from private coin dealers unless you’re lucky enough to encounter an imperfect coin in your pocket change. You can also look for them on sites like Amazon or eBay. Major auction houses will only accept coins that have been graded and certified by a reputable grading service.


Is the 2020 bat quarter rare?

Yes, it is.

However, it’s still possible to obtain one of the two million 2020-W American Samoa National Park “Bat” Quarters in circulation, especially the coins with the “W” inscription. The mint made these limited pieces to encourage coin collectors to pick interest in them. The “W” bat quarters were minted at both the Philadelphia and Denver mints.

Why is the 2020 bat quarter worth so much?

There are many reasons for this. For one, It was the first coin to be released in 2020 and the 51st overall in America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. Moreover, it celebrates the National Park of American Samoa.

Furthermore, in the spring of 2020, with the onset of COVID, production came to an abrupt halt, following the production of just 955,145 of these coins. The US Mint decided to keep all its 3-coin sets intact, barely opening most of them. Hence, there aren’t many in circulation, explaining their high cost.

What’s the 2020 National Park bat quarter value?

The uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition is worth $23. However, some vendors are willing to pay more for these valuable coins. On the other hand, the commercially available variants cost around $1–2. However, you can get more value for these coins if they feature particular errors.

Where can I find the 2020 bat quarter for sale?

You can find these extremely rare quarters at auction sites online and at auction stores. The 2020 bat quarters are currently sold on eBay, Etsy, and collectors sites. It’s a valuable piece, so the prices vary, but it’s good to research what to look for when buying rare coins online.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to treasure about the 2020 bat quarters. When you look at the Samoan fruit bat mother and pup in the 2020 American Samoa Quarter, it illustrates the love and devotion the species has for its young. This coin gained notoriety during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic because of its unique design. Even so, it’s a highly sought-after quarter, and it’s expected to be worth a fortune in years to come.

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