The Silver Eagle is one of the most popular bullion coins, and the 2022 Silver Eagle is no exception. Collectors always value a bullion coin and consider it a solid investment. That is just one aspect of the 2022 Silver Eagle value. The others are providing stability in somewhat unstable times, bringing history and beauty to every coin collection.

In August 2022, the United States Mint announced that there was a high demand for the 2022 Silver Eagle’s complete production inventory. Therefore, they decided every product to be available to collectors through previous admission, and cancellations, if any, on the designated launch date on August 9th. Because of the interest in this limited production of 200,000 coins the U.S. Mint limited the orders to 3 coins per home in the first 24 hours of sale.

At the moment the minimum 2022 Silver Eagle value is equal to the current silver spot price of $23.93 per ounce. However, auction prices set an entirely different value for the 2022 Silver Eagle. For example, a 2022-W Silver Eagle PR, $1 was sold for $3,499 on eBay on August 25, 2022. So, to put a price on your coin, you must consider every aspect affecting its value. Here is where our research comes in handy! Read on, and find out what makes your 2022 Silver Eagle valuable from every perspective.  

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History of 2022 Silver Eagle

2022 was the second year of the Silver Eagle release with a fresh new reverse design. The Silver Eagle was redesigned to mark the 35th anniversary of the American Eagle coin program in 2021. The new design was created by the awarded U.S. Mint artistic designer Emily Damstra, and sculpted by the Mint’s medallic artist Michael Gaudioso who joined the engraving staff at the Philadelphia Mint in 2009. Thanks to the new advancements in technology and mintage, you can see that Liberty incorporates some of Weinman’s original elements that were not possible in the early years.

The 2022 Silver Eagle had it all! It was released in a time of high demand for silver, it had a fresh new look and on top of that original details thanks to the technological innovations. The first Silver Eagle bullion coin was produced back in 1986 and had some minor changes and improvements along the way. This was the first official 1 oz. investment-grade silver bullion coin whose weight purity and content were guaranteed by the government of the United States.

The American Silver Eagle caught the eye of precious metals investors and coin collectors from the very start. The interest in this coin grew over time, and due to the demand-based production of the 2022 Silver Eagle in particular, its popularity among investors and numismatists rapidly increased. Numbers speak louder than words and give another insight into the 2022 Silver Eagle value. According to the Guide to American Silver Eagles, 3,000,000 coins were sold in the first week of sales, and by the end of May, they reached 9,281,500. 

Main Features of 2022 Silver Eagle

2022 Silver Eagle Value - Main Features of 2022 Silver Eagle

  • Type: American Silver Eagle (1986 to present)
  • Design: Adolph Weinman (obverse), Emily Damstra (reverse type 2)
  • Mint Mark: none (bullion), S (Proof), W (Proof, uncirculated)
  • Year: 2022
  • Face value: $1.00
    Metal: 99.93% silver, and 0.07% copper
    Total Weight: 1 troy oz. or 31.10 grams
  • Diameter: 40.6 mm (1.598 inches)
    Thickness: 2.98 mm (0.117 inches)
    Edge: Reed anti-counterfeit variation
    Silver Bullion Value: $23.93 (June 6th, 2023)

Produced since 1986 the 2022 Silver Eagle version was updated and refreshed in 2021. If you are familiar with the American Silver Eagle program, you probably know the coin’s details and inscriptions. However, you should be aware of the following differences concerning the 2022 Silver Eagle:

  • The obverse side has a refreshed portrayal closer to Adolph A. Weinman’s original idea. You can see the graceful figure of Lady Liberty in full length and stride. Proudly representing freedom, and looking towards the rising sun, she holds oak and laurel branches in her left arm. You can also notice these writings in the bottom right corner “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “2022.”
  • The amazing type 2 design on the reverse side was introduced in 2021. The bold and incredibly detailed image of the arriving eagle with an oak branch in its claws, as though it is adding the branch to its nest, was designed by Emily Damstra, best known for her work with the Royal Canadian Mint. As for the inscriptions, the reverse side includes “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “1 OZ. FINE SILVER,” and “ONE DOLLAR.”

Another addition to the improved design details on the obverse and redesigned reverse of the 2022 Silver Eagle was the mintage quality. The use of new technology allowed high details and a reed pattern variation. This feature of the 2022 Silver Eagle is extremely important because it shows the Mint’s efforts against counterfeiting, and also protects collectors from purchasing fake coins. Every unique feature of the coin in combination with its beauty adds up to the 2022 Silver Eagle value.

Mintage and Sales of 2022 Silver Eagle

There are plenty of data regarding the mintage and sales of the 2022 Silver Eagle from different sources. Coin news reports the following mintage limits of 2022 American Silver Eagles according to one of U.S. Mint spokesman:

  • The West Point Mint was limited to 746,760 samples for the 2022-W Proof Silver Eagle with splits of at least 500,000 for the single coin, 166,760 in single coins booked for wholesale buyers; and 30,000 for the Congratulation set. For the uncirculated version of the coin the Mint was limited to 219,640 samples for the 2022-W Silver Eagle;
  • The San Francisco Mint was limited to 321,840 for the 2022-S Proof Silver Eagle, containing 50,000 samples kept for the limited edition of the 2022 Proof Silver Eagle set;

If you are interested in value and sales you can use the U.S. Mint catalog to check the value of different coins in the American Eagle Coin brochure. For example, the 2022 Proof (S) Silver Eagle value is $73.

According to this Silver Eagle Mintage Chart (that includes bullion, burnished, and proof releases) the U.S. Mint produced 15,963,500 samples of the 2022 Silver Eagle, 197,251 coins of the 2022-W Silver Eagle version, 693,328 samples (estimated mintage based on product sales numbers, including 2021 Congratulation sets) of the  2022-W Proof Silver Eagle version, and 360,062 samples of the 2022-S Proof Silver Eagle type (including coins sold in 2021 limited edition sets, trade, and wholesale).

When it comes to sales of the 2022 Silver Eagle, the 2022-W Proof Silver Eagle ( that you can buy on eBay) was already sold out even before it went on sale on April 14th for a price of $73 due to product enrollments.

Thankfully, there were some cancellations so bullion coin collectors were able to buy a 2022 Congratulations Set. Just on the first day of individual sales 461,169 Silver Eagle coins were sold.

Because of the high interest, the 2022 Silver Eagle became unavailable by April 19th. Unlike its proof counterpart the 2022-W Burnished Uncirculated Silver Eagle went on sale on June 1st for a price of $67. The Mint declared that 147,897 coins had been sold through product enrollments which led to its closure on April 12th. Just like the 2022-W Proof Silver Eagle, the 2022-S Proof Silver Eagle (that you can buy on eBay) went on sale on August 14th.

As you can see, besides the coin’s beauty and features, there are other factors affecting the 2022 Silver Eagle’s value lake the limited mintage and high demand.

Limited Edition Signature Labels of 2022 Silver Eagle

Now we can say for sure that the combination of all of the above factors strongly affects the value of the 2022 Silver Eagle.

And that is not all! Other features complementing the 2022 Silver Eagle value are the limited edition signature labels. This year’s limited edition featured first-day issue labels, various cores (flags, Liberty, and others), labels signed by coin and medal engravers like Don Everhart, John Mercanti, and Elizabeth Jones, businessmen and coin experts like Michael “Miles” Standish, David Hall, and John Dannreuther as well as many designers and celebrities from different spheres.

Many of the limited edition signature labels of the 2022 Silver Eagle have a population in the low hundreds and even beneath 100. Here are some of those valuable limited-edition signature labels:

2022 Silver Eagle Value - 2022-W $1 Silver Eagle David Hall Signature, DCAM (Proof)

PCGS population of the MS70s: 18;

2022 Silver Eagle Value - 2022-W $1 Burnished Silver Eagle Advanced Release Paul C. Balan (Special Strike)

PCGS population of the MS70s: 20;

eBay auction record from January 29, 2003: $134 (SP70).

2022 Silver Eagle Value - 2022-W $1 Silver Eagle First Day of Issue Cleveland Blue Eagle, DCAM (Proof)

PCGS population of the MS70s: 50;

eBay auction record from January 2, 2003: $149 (PR70DCAM).

2022 Silver Eagle Value - 2022 $1 Silver Eagle First Strike Picture Frame Trump Flag (Regular Strike)

PCGS population of the MS69s: 20;

PCGS population of the MS70s: 40.

PCGS population of the MS70s: 29.

PCGS population of the MS70: 158;

eBay auction record from April 5, 2022: $78 (MS70).

eBay auction record from June 3, 2022: $270 (PR70DCAM).

eBay auction record from January 8, 2023: $86 (MS70).

PCGS population of the MS70s: 100.

eBay auction record from October 10, 2022: $80 (MS70).

2022 Silver Eagle Auction Record Value

We have already established that the 2022 Silver Eagles have different values. If you are specifically interested in auction record values you can check the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) auction prices of the Silver Eagle from 1986 to date. Here is the auction record value of different types of 2022:

According to the PCGS auction information, the 2022 Silver Eagle reached its highest price in 2022 with the 2022-W Proof Silver Eagle sold for $3,499.

Most Valuable 2022 Silver Eagles from Auctions

Besides the data on the auction record value of the coin, it is good to know the most valuable 2022 Silver Eagles from Auctions:

Grade Silver caches (SVC) Firm Sale Price
PR70DCAM PCGS David Lawrence RC Internet Auction #1234 $180
PR70DCAM Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) Heritage Auctions 2023 March 13 Modern Collectible U.S. Coins & Bullion U.S. Coins Showcase Auction #60310 $159
PR70DCAM PCGS Heritage Auctions 2023 March 13 Modern Collectible U.S. Coins & Bullion U.S. Coins Showcase Auction #60310 $154
PR70DCAM NGC Heritage Auctions 2023 March 13 Modern Collectible U.S. Coins & Bullion U.S. Coins Showcase Auction #60310 $144
MS70 NGC David Lawrence RC 2013 November 1-3 U.S. Coin Signature Auction $115

Unlike the earlier versions of the Silver Eagle, the latest ones, like the 2022 Silver Eagle, have a lower value. However, if you are a visionary and always think ahead, you probably have this bullion coin in your collection. That is wise because you don’t know how much the value of the silver and the 2022 Silver Eagle coin will increase over time.

Striking Error Affecting the Value of 2022 Silver Eagle

Independent Coin Graders (ICG) have found a striking error affecting the value of the 2022 Silver Eagle. To be more precise, they discovered a strike-through error in the form of a shiny, incuse ring close to the coin’s rim. ICG graders named this strike-through error an “Incomplete Strike Ring”, an irregularity that occurred when the substance prevented a regular strike.

According to Numismatic News, 2022 Silver Eagle coins with this striking error have two different surface colorations. If you use a magnifier you will also notice how the normal frosty field from the center to the rim changes to a dull color on both sides of a shiny, scrape-like surface. This strike-through error implies that a substance was forced into the planchet during striking.

As the substance was spread out and became thin, the coin’s surface suffered a change at the rim. The easiest way to spot this striking error on the 2022 Silver Eagle is by using a micrograph.

According to the graders, entire rolls of the 2022 Silver Eagle with a striking error have been found. Coin collectors find Mint errors especially interesting, and are ready to pay extra. If you are interested you can buy a 2022 Silver Eagle in MS69 condition with an obverse and reverse strike-through error for $349.99.

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Best Places to Buy a 2022 Silver Eagle

Now that you know the factors affecting the value of this bullion coin and the prices of the most valuable 2022 Silver Eagles, you are ready for the next step. The next step is adding a 2022 Silver Eagle to your coin collection. Regardless of the momentary market prices, bullion coins are a wise choice for a long-term investment. These are the best places to buy a 2022 Silver Eagle:

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The value of the 2022 Silver Eagle depends on multiple factors. Therefore, to determine this bullion coin value start by checking the current silver spot price and continue with the coin’s unique features, mintage, sales, demand, errors, and auction prices.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you understand the present and long-term value of the 2022 Silver Eagle. If you already have one in your collection, now you can put a price on it. If not, you can buy one from our selection of precious metals online dealers.   

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