Decorating the bedroom isn’t easy; after all, it is a place to rest, get some good-night sleep and spend all the lovely moments with your partner or on your own. The room must be relaxing, calming, soothing, nice-looking, functional, and so much more. Now, one needs to achieve all of that usually with a tighter budget, or with some other obstacles, like smaller space, weird room design, or just doesn’t have an idea of what they would like their bedroom to look like.

Whatever the reason may be behind you clicking on this article, you’re in the right place. We think that for a good bedroom, it is always to look at the past styles and get inspired. Antique bedroom pieces, for example, bring character and show that, somehow, you know what you’re doing, even when you don’t.

That is why we’ve decided to start this journey with a simple, yet often complicated part of bedroom decoration; bed frame. This will be the centerpiece of your bedroom, so it better be good. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over the different antique iron bed frame styles, where you can purchase them, and at what price. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Antique Iron Bed Frames – Types and Styles

Antique iron bed frames bring that charming, old-school classic style to any type of bedroom; whether you’re going for a rustic moment or a modern version of high-end comfort. It always stands for that rustic, traditional feel and somehow goes well with almost every interior design.

In our humble opinion, antique iron bed frames make a bedroom feel authentic, elegant, and cozy, regardless of the rest of the furniture or the overall design of the bedroom. Nevertheless, there are many different styles of antique iron bed frames, and not each will be up your alley, of course. So, let’s take a closer look at the different styles, their prices, and where you can get them should you end up liking them.

First of all, let’s go over some of the main styles of the antique iron bed frame;

  • Antique Italian Iron Bed Frames
Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - Antique Italian Iron Bed Frames

Italian antique iron bedframes often originate from the period of late 19th, early 29th century. They’re generally made in the Art Nouveau style, from enameled iron and cast iron, with brass parts. Nowadays, these are sold for high prices, as they’re highly valued on the market. The majority of these bed frames are rare and hard to come across. They’re also almost always in excellent shape and condition, beautifully made to fit even the most contemporary bedroom.

  • Antique French Iron Bed Frames
Antique French Iron Bed Frames

French bed frames were made to fit one’s everyday needs; from folding bed frames to the so-called day beds, the French made their iron beds to withstand even the most frequent use. These often originate from the early to late 19th century, as well as the early 20th century. Like the Italian bed frames, the French iron ones are also made in the Art Nouveau style. They come in different shapes and sizes and are almost always heavily adorned and highly detailed. French iron bed frames feature a lot of wavy lines, refined decorations, and flower patterns.

  • Antique Gothic Iron Bed Frames
Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - Antique Gothic Iron Bed Frames

These types of bed frames were made in the 19th century, and are referred to as the Gothic-style Roman-Catholic iron bed frames, as they were usually made to depict the Roman Catholic church in major European cities and countries, like Italy, Spain, etc. These are generally hand-made and hand-painted, and feature incredibly artistic headboards that depict incredible architecture and holy Catholic imagery. These were often made in France, but their origin can sometimes be from other European countries, often Italy and Spain.

  • Antique Victorian Iron Bed Frames
Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - Antique Victorian Iron Bed Frames

Made in the Victorian Era, late 19th century, these bed frames originate in England. They’re unique and stand out from the other styles in that they’re often made from solid brass in high ornate decoration and iron rails. These bed frames are considered divine, as they’re often gilded, and made for the highest-ranking personalities in the country. Nowadays, these bed frames are highly valued, and often considered to be exhibition pieces. From time to time, they’re available for purchase, but at an incredibly high price, as expected.

Brass and Iron Combination Bed Frames

Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - Brass and Iron Combination Bed Frames

Quick Overview

  • Beautiful and rustic appearance
  • Combination metal makes the durable and lightweight
  • Generally inexpensive, but more on the high-end side
  • Generally pre-restored
  • Easy to take care of and maintain
  • Hard to find true antique pieces

Antique bed frames were largely made using the combination of iron and brass, for a long time. In the 1849s Englas, such bed frames were highly popular and sought-after, especially after the improvement in the metallurgy industry reached the common people as well. The early 19th century saw an improvement in the quality, availability, and durability of iron and brass, so people ended up using them for many different things, including long-lasting brass bed frames.

From the year 1812 to 1831, there were seven different patents that were eventually granted for the production of metal furniture, including bedsteads and bed frames. These were constructed using hollow tubes made out of brass, iron, and steel, often combined to make them more sturdy, durable, as well as lightweight, and inexpensive.

In the beginning, the bed frames were often made using solid brass, but later, people started combining brass with iron, as previously mentioned. This has led to easier maintenance, considering the fact that brass tends to tarnish rather quickly. Nowadays, antique bed frames made from brass and iron are well maintained but require further maintenance as well. If you want the bed frame to really last you a lifetime, you need to prevent it from tarnishing and keep its sheen alive and well.

Where To Buy and How Much Do They Cost?

Etsy – in our humble opinion, Etsy is a great starting point if you’re just getting into the idea of owning an antique iron/brass bed frame. There is a huge selection of antique bed frames, and one should surely fit your need and budget requirement. Speaking of the budget, the prices most definitely vary, depending on the size of the bed frame, year of origin, as well as the current state.

Some of the available bed frames have been restored (mostly to remove the old lead paint and replace it with current lead-free paint), but those that haven’t been restored probably will need some in the future. We recommend you go for the restored ones, just to save time, and money, and don’t expose yourself to the complicated mess that is the restoration of a brass/iron bed frame. The price range for an antique brass/iron bed frame starts at around USD 1,904.24, and can go as high as USD 2,254.00. You can probably find some cheaper options, but most of them are current-made, not antique pieces, so make sure to pay attention to the listing description.

Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101

1stDibs – if you’re operating with a higher budget, then you should most definitely check out 1stDibs. Here, you’ll find an array of incredibly beautiful antique brass/iron bed frames, but surely at a higher price. There is an array of different shapes and sizes to fit any bedroom or any style preference as well. Of course, there is a variety of prices as well, but we do need to point out that the bigger the bed frame, the higher the price, so keep that in mind. Singe bed bed frames are often cheaper, starting at around USD 1,329, and going as high as USD 12,766.70 for a high-end double bed bed frame.

Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - high-end double bed bed frame

Antique Solid Cast Iron Bed Frames

Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - Antique Solid Cast Iron Bed Frames

Quick Overview

  • Beautiful and rustic appearance
  • Often unique in design (as cast iron shapes and bends easily)
  • Tend to rust frequently and are high maintenance
  • Cheaper than brass/iron bed frames

As much as it was appreciated to own a mental combination bed frame in early 19th century England and Europe, it was even more appreciated to own a solid cast iron bed frame. In the 1840s and 1850s, people sought bedsteads that were highly decorated, ornate, fitted to their bedrooms, and of course, highly simple and very well and easy to maintain.

Those were not the years when people would redecorate their bedrooms frequently; furniture was built to last a lifetime, for generations. Cast iron bed frames met all these requirements, both functional and aesthetic. Plus, they were easier to take care of when compared to the brass/iron bed frames, and of course, much cheaper to make and purchase.

Nevertheless, people would soon figure out that cast iron bed frames tend to rust rather quickly and frequently. They turned out to be a pain to take care of, which of course, led to an increase in the production of combined metal bedframes.

Even nowadays, it can be hard to come across a cast iron bed frame that is completely free of rust. Some sellers do provide restored iron bed frames, but oftentimes, the buyer is the one to remove the rust and maintain the bed frame. And, this isn’t a one-time thing; as long as you have it, you will have to frequently maintain and de-rust the bed frame.

Where To Buy and How Much Do They Cost?

Chairish  – this is a good place to start if you’re on a budget but still looking for some nice, antique cast iron bed frames. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to come across an antique cast iron headboard, but there are some wonderful pieces of antique Victorian-era cast iron bed frames. The prices range between USD 685 (Antique, Victorian era cast iron twin bed frame), and USD 11,500.00 (19th century, antique, hand-painted cast-iron, brass-detail bed frame).

Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - Chairish

1stDibs – another excellent place to check out is 1stDibs, of course, especially if you’re budget isn’t limited. Here, you’ll find an array of incredible antique cast iron bed frames, that are already restored and de-rusted. There is an array of different shapes and sizes to fit any bedroom or any style preference as well. Of course, there is a variety of prices as well, but we do need to point out again that the bigger the bed frame, the higher the price, so keep that in mind. The prices start at around USD 2,476.83 (double vast iron antique bed), and go as high as USD 16,798.57 (late 19th century, French Art Nouveau rare Cast Iron Bed Frame).

Antique Iron Bed Frame Styles 101 - 1stDibs

Purchasing Antique Iron Bed Frames Today

Even though it is possible to come across a budget-friendly antique iron bed frame, we must point out that these, especially in good condition, aren’t really budget-friendly. The prices can easily go over tens of thousands of dollars, but it is possible to find decent specimens in the several thousand dollar price range. It is important to keep in mind that the restoration of these bed frames costs a lot as well, especially if you need to find replacement parts, like the entire headboard or the rails. And, of course, these beds need to be dealt with by a specialist.

So, if you still like the idea of owning and updating your bedroom with an ion bed frame, we suggest you also check out those modern-made, ready-for-purchases. Modern iron bed frames are produced in a variety of styles, from simple, elegant, to highly ornate. Sure, they can also be pretty expensive, but at least you don’t have to worry about de-rusting them, fixing them, or purchasing expensive spare parts.

Nevertheless, in our humble opinion, antique iron bed frames are an excellent investment. The charm, style, rustic and traditional appearance, as well as endless high value, will always look well in your bedroom, for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve helped you out with this brief but detailed overview of the antique iron bed frames. We do want to point out, yet again, the fact that these re different types of iron bed frames, and that each variation comes with its own price range. So, if you’re struggling with determining the value of an iron bed frame, or figuring out whether a bed frame is truly worth the money, keep these things in mind;

  • Bed frame style – the bigger and more attractive the bed frame, the higher the price. You can always go for a simple design, that will always go well with your other bedroom furniture and won’t cost you a kidney.
  • Bed frame size – finding a suitable size for an antique bed frame can be tricky, and often expensive. Generally, antique iron bed frames are in the sizes between a twin bed and a full, so keep this in mind as well. If you’re looking to have a bigger bed, then you should probably skip the iron bed frames, or get them custom-made.
  • Condition – if you notice an antique iron bed frame has rust and visible damage, just know that you can get it restored. If there are missing parts as well, then you’re looking at a significant additional cost. But, those restored, excellent-condition iron bed frames also cost a lot of money. Consider all of this info before you actually make the purchase.

And, that’s it! We wish you happy redecorating and an even happier purchasing of your dream antique bed frame. Good luck and feel free to come back to our site should you have any questions or should you look for more information!

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