Connecticut is a US state that is known for many things. It is the home of the prestigious Yale University. Among other things, CT is known for its gorgeous fall foliage, which means it’s best to visit it in the fall. For sports lovers, Connecticut is also where the famous sports television channel ESPN is based. However, one important thing to know is that Connecticut has a rich vintage and antique heritage, and it’s known for its antique stores distributed across the whole state.

If you’re on a visit to CT or crossing through, you must visit the lovely town of Woodbury. This is the perfect place for all things antique, and attractive to many antique lovers and collectors. This hidden gem is considered the capital of antique objects in Connecticut and will introduce you to various treasures.

Some antique stores in Connecticut may look modern and contain more vintage items compared to the antique stores in some other states, but it also all comes down to the cities and towns where those antique stores are based.

It’s also interesting to note that all these antique stores have interesting locations and architecture. Instead of being placed in regular-looking stores in the town centers and similar places, many of them are placed inside lovely, small, vintage, or even antique houses that are well over 100 years old.

It represents a lovely combination of high-quality antique furniture and charming vintage architecture, with some antique twist.

In antique stores in Connecticut, you can find a variety of different furniture including wooden cabinets, chairs, sofas, rugs, paintings, jewelry, and much more.

But, to be sure how much you can find in this American state, continue reading this article, get informed about the best stores in CT, and learn more about how to have the most productive and effective antique collectible hunting in CT.

Best Antique Stores in Connecticut

Now that we introduced you to the lovely story about popular antique stores in Connecticut, it’s also time to list them down. Read carefully about the offerings of every store, and make sure to visit their official site if it is provided! Good luck and happy hunting!

Clinton Antique Center (Clinton)

Clinton Antique Center

Clinton Antique Center is a family-owned business that spreads across 6,000 square feet. Just like you guessed, this vast area contains a lot of quality collectibles from the last couple of hundreds of years. Clinton Antique Center is committed to collecting old, authentic, and yet interesting pieces that will attract even the pickiest collectors onboard.

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask, but don’t know who, rest assured that more than 100 quality dealers are operating in the Clinton Antique Center.

They’re curious, courteous, and knowledgeable because it’s their passion to collect valuable antique and vintage heritage and share it with those who appreciate both art and antique heritage.

It is located at the heart of Clinton and operates with various objects, starting from jewelry and other accessories to clothing rugs, and ornaments that you wouldn’t be able to find even in museums.

If you’re also a fan of vintage pop cultures collectibles such as Pokemon cards, Ninja Turtle, Transformers, and other types of statues and toys, you’re definitely at the right place to find them. Other vintage items like dolls, children’s lunch boxes and more can easily be found. If you’re on an antique tour, be careful as the store doesn’t work on Wednesdays.

Antiques on the Farmington (Canton)

Antiques on the Farmington

Out of all the antique stores that we discovered in CT, Antiques on the Farmington located in Canton is one of the most welcoming and warmest ones. Although it may not have an official website, it has an Instagram page where new collectibles are regularly shared, and various stories are told about them.

When you come to Antiques on the Farmington, you’ll see why it was one of our favorite antique stores in CT. One of the biggest reasons is that it is a welcoming, cozy, and lovely antique store. Another reason is that there is a great variety of products that are offered in the store. The third reason, which can be quite crucial is how courteous, knowledgeable, and engaged the employees are.

They’ll share the stories about the town, as well as the antique collectibles they gathered and you’ll get to learn about the history and sentimental heritage before you decide to buy one or two items. When it comes to the items you may find, there is a plethora of different types of things.

Fans of vintage pop culture will be able to discover old dolls, cards, and different types of collectible toys. Alternatively, there is a fine selection of antique furniture such as sofas, ottomans, chairs, tables, and much more. There is also a collection of jewelry, kitchen items such as bottles, knives, spoons, and forms, as well as paintings.  

The PAST Antiques Marketplace at Nature’s Art Village (Oakdale)

The PAST Antiques Marketplace at Nature's Art Village

The PAST Antiques Marketplace is an open market located in the Nature’s Art Village in Oakdale. This place is popular for various things other than vintage and antique collectibles. Here you’ll be able to find jewelry made out of different materials and minerals. It’s a perfect place for shopping for crystals and gemstones, as well as jewelry containing those crystals.

It’s a popular home to dinosaur statues and toys, as well as vintage toys that you may be able to find. This place will also allow you to explore the thrift marketplace of various vintage items, immerse yourself in the antique clothing market, and much more. You will also be able to discover creative and artistic ornaments, and the marketplace sellers will be kind enough to educate you and help you learn more about the items that would interest you.

There’s a plethora of things to discover on the official website, as well as the Instagram account. It’s worth mentioning that some of the collectibles are not only from the USA but also from Southern America and Africa.

Stratford Antique Center (Stratford)

Stratford Antique Center

Stratford Antique Center is a lovely, cozy, yet large and spacious antique store at the heart of Stratford in Connecticut. It is packed with all sorts of goods, starting from clothing and footwear which marks the presence of various cultures and traditions to all sorts of pieces of furniture, that’d go perfectly well with modern and contemporary interiors.

In addition to that, there’s plenty of staff that can assist you and help you choose the items that would fit your needs in the best way possible. They’re kind, and engaging and will dedicate time to explain and educate you on all the matters that you would like to know about.

Given that it’s a spacious store, a fairytale of its own, it’d be best to dedicate one entire day to visiting it. This place is ideal for people who have a good taste in fashion. You will discover various vintage dresses, antique jewelry, shoes with pearls, gems, and crystals etched in them, vibrant colors despite the tooth of time, and much more.

Finally, you’ll find both larger and smaller furniture, starting from lamps and music boxes, to paintings, chairs, beddings, and much more.

Anna Pearl’s Curiosities (Niantic)

Anna Pearl’s Curiosities

If you’re not too interested in chunky antique furniture and would like something sweeter and looks more sophisticated, then you should visit Anna Pearl’s Curiosities located in Niantic, CT. It’s not a typical antique store, but it is a great base for vintage and antique jewelry.

If your grandmother or other ancestors didn’t pass on a lot of jewelry, this jewelry may be able to take you back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The unique design can be visible in most jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and thick large rings that were popular in the late 19th century.

They are made of different materials and metals, but thanks to some rework, they’ve managed to survive all the decay that comes with time.

Needless to say, shopping for slightly or more reworked jewelry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but many women would like to come to this place and feel more feminine, like how women felt when this jewelry circulated freely.

The employees are very helpful and more importantly, they’ll guide you in choosing the right combination of jewelry according to your tone, face shape, and other aspects. It’s worth mentioning that they have a fine collection of dresses, hats, purses, and other fashion details from the last century.

Wayne Mattox Antiques (Woodbury)

Wayne Mattox Antiques

Unfortunately, Wayne Mattox Antiques doesn’t have social media, but the website is quite intuitive and helpful in providing all the necessary information about appraisals, antique and vintage offers, and more important than anything, auctions.

Auctions make an important part of this store’s concept because different collectors gather and compete on getting some of the finest antique pieces.

 If you pay a visit to Woodbury and this lovely antique house, you’ll be able to find antique furniture pieces and accessories such as tables, chairs, rocking chairs, rugs, cabinets, candle holders, plates, and much more. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, so you’ll feel as if you’re at home.

Bob Kretchko Antiques (New Milford)

Bob Kretchko Antiques

No matter what you identify as, or what you’re looking for, we’re sure you can find that and much more at Bob Kretchko antique store which is located in New Milford in Connecticut. It’s a bit smaller, but cozy and welcoming place where you’ll receive help and guidance in finding the right antique and vintage collectibles for you.

Some of the most popular highlights of this place include fashion ornaments, clothing, jewelry, and much more. You’ll be able to find war medals of honor, polished jewelry made out of animal teeth, badges, brooches, and of course regular jewelry.

Clocks, plates, paintings, and other decoration items also make an important appearance in this store, so make sure to give them a visit and see what more there is for you or your loved ones interested in collecting.

Key to the Past Antique & Design Center (East Haven)

Key to the Past Antique & Design Center

You’ve seen that most of the antique stores have a very specialized type of furniture, and people who are educated on appraising those particular collectibles. In the case of Key to the Past Antique & Design Center, you’ll find all sorts of different collectibles that will make your mouth water.

Next to the popular wooden shelves, cabinets, old kitchens, chairs, tables, and more, you’ll be able to find smaller collectibles like candle holders, lamps, rugs, gramophones, and even vintage vinyl records. Goblets, sculptures, eating equipment, and other collectibles make another valuable part of the store.

Lastly, the staff will be more than kind to help you choose the best collectibles for you and your family.

Marlborough Barn Antiques (Marlborough)

Marlborough Barn Antiques

Although Marlborough Barn Antiques may not have social media accounts to share their antiques, visiting them firsthand will definitely be worth it. The kind and engaging staff will help you organize your visit and get the best out of it while learning a lot about the store collectibles.

There’s plenty of antique jewelry and furniture. The carpenters are also willing to make you an identical piece of furniture out of the exposed one. You will find chairs, cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers. Also, there’s a restaurant where you can unwind.

Types of Antiques Sold in Connecticut Antique Stores

As you saw Connecticut is a cradle of varying antique collectibles found across the state. You will find a lot of different items there starting from furniture to much more. Below are the most popular vintage and antique items found in Connecticut.

  • Furniture: Nearly every antique store in Connecticut corresponded with large furniture, and that wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, sofas, rugs, tables, chairs, kitchen items, and much more.
  • Jewelry: Of course, jewelry also makes an important collectible type in the Connecticut antique markets. You can find a fine selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and other ornaments such as medals and brooches in the vintage and antique markets.
  • Art: Art is another prominent thing to find in Connecticut. Authentic, gorgeous paintings closed in golden frames, sculptures, and much more that can make your artistic heart dance.
  • Collectibles: Although it depends on what you may consider a collectible in Antique and Vintage language Connecticut is full of antique stores featuring dolls, pop culture toys like transformers and ninja turtles, Pokemon cards, stuffed animals, bottles, candle holders, and much more.
  • Vinyl Records: If you’re a fan of music, you’ll also be able to find plenty of music records from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Tips & Tricks for Shopping at Antique Markets in Connecticut

If you ever hunted for antique collectibles, then you know how stressful it may be if you’re not well-educated enough. That’s why we provided a small guide on how to be more effective while shopping for antiques. Make sure to check them out to have an easier time shopping.

Getting the Best Prices

In all fairness, the prices across the stores in Connecticut were always quite correct and needed little to no correction. You may find it difficult to negotiate for the right price, but most sellers are approachable and reasonable. One good thing would be to bring someone knowledgeable who can instruct you on different prices or take photos of similar items in other stores and negotiate for a similar price on similar things.

Checking the Authenticity

Generally, many things in antique stores are unique, but not always. Sometimes they get replicated later after their original creation and sold as authentic. If you’re not educated on evaluating antique items, you may have a quite difficult time concluding whether some item is authentic.

If you’re eager to buy furniture and other items from the antique market, then it’d be best to bring a professional appraiser who can help you evaluate the true value of an item and check whether it’s authentic or not.

Sellers in Connecticut are honest and fair, but they may not always be able to see the true value of an item, especially if the place tends to get crowdy.

Negotiation & Haggling

If you visited one of the antique flea markets that are open in Connecticut, you should use the power of negotiation and haggling. Even though sellers are approachable and are willing to lower the price, don’t be arrogant and try to knock the price of some items way too much down if it’s not the true value of that item. Be honest, and approachable, and we’re sure that the sellers will cooperate with you.

Searching Specific Items

A little research on your own won’t hurt anyone. Many antique stores sell various items, including art, large furniture, and jewelry. Still, some stores specialize only in weaponry, kitchen items, or furniture. For example, Anna Pearl’s Curiosities are specific to jewelry and clothing, so if you’re looking for jewelry exclusively, that’s the best place to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the end, shopping for antique items is not easy, especially if you want to tour an entire state to find what would suit you. Check this FAQ section to learn additional details about finding good antique stores in CT.

What is the Antique Capital of Connecticut?

The antique capital of Connecticut is definitely Woodbury which is located in the southwest part of the state in the hills of Litchfield County. It is a popular town for people looking for antique items, but it’s worth noting that many of the popular stores closed permanently, or are in the process of moving to other locations. Still, the stores that are still there are nice, and cozy and have great offers and prices.

What Styles of Antique Items to Expect to find in Connecticut?

As mentioned earlier, Connecticut is home to varied antique and vintage items. Nevertheless, you’ll find anything from the rustic era to mid-century modern, as well as many other hidden gems that feel both vintage and upscale to the eye.

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