Ever since it came to the market in the USA, as well as around the world Claire has offered amazing services and jewelry for girls and women alike. Having such a large network of stores and salons is quite important when you want to hold a big reputation and provide top-notch service. Claire’s salons and stores are just one such places where you can get a quality piercing that will last.

It’s no secret that many tweens and teen girls, as well as older women, go through different phases which are often affected by fashion styles, and trends. For example, when Miley Cyrus featured her inner lip tattoo, pretty much everyone wanted to get one.

That being said, when some teen or young adult celebrity makes a change in their body, it’s likely they will start a trend that your child will want to follow. With its large selection of hair accessories, earrings, and studs for different types of piercing, Claire truly stands out in the market.

But, jewelry and accessories are not the only things that Claire sells. At one of many salons in the USA but also around the world, it’s possible to get your ears or nose pierced. This makes things a lot easier for mums who often struggle to find a piercing salon that is reliable and trustworthy for their children.

This way, they can leave it to Claire to do the piercing, and provide all the necessary aftercare kits and tips and tricks to help it heal faster. In this article, we researched the services that Claire’s offers, and we’ll help you get informed about all the piercing costs as well as the cost of hoops and studs you may be interested in.

Quick Summary: If you want to get a piercing at Claire’s, you can do so for free. The only thing that you will have to pay is the piercing stud, where you can choose one of a few variants which all cost around $57. There may be some additional expenses covered depending on your location, but the price of the piercing includes an aftercare lotion which is very important in preventing bacterial infections and irritation.

Continue reading to get more detailed information, so that you can get your nose pierced in no time.

About Claire’s Nose Piercings

About Claire’s Nose Piercings

Claire’s shops are formerly known as Claire’s Boutiques and Claire’s Accessories. It originally started as a USA-based retailer of clothes for girls, jewelry, and other accessories as well as girls. Originally, Claire’s wanted to reach out to girls who are entering the tween and teen ages but now Claire’s accessible to everyone.

The first shop was opened in Hoffman Estates, Illinois in 1961. You can find all sorts of accessories at Claire’s from hair extensions, bands, and ties, to jewelry and earrings, as well as ear and nose piercings made of diamonds. Many parents wonder whether the diamonds used on Claire’s piercings are genuine, but the good news is that they indeed are.

Claire’s uses 0.1 and 0.2-carat diamonds added with 14k gold which is usually located on the back clutch of the jewelry. Nevertheless, if you’re getting a piercing for the first time, it’d be best to use studs made of some hypoallergenic material instead of aiming for cheap materials.

If you want to get a nose piercing at Claire’s and you’re younger than 18, keep in mind that you will need a parent or guardian’s permission to do so. Usually, their presence is requested on the spot, which you can arrange by scheduling the appointment on Claire’s website form.

Depending on the state and country where you want to get your nose pierced, the restriction policy may be in line with the federal law for that state, so in some states that restriction goes up to 14 years old. If you are older than 14 to 18 years, you may still need to bring an identification document in case you don’t look convincing for your age.

You will need to present a document such as a password or identification card (ID card) as well as a driver’s license, in case you have one. If you’re not sure about the policy, you can either check on the website or make a call to their contact center and see for yourself.

What is the Cost of a Nose Piercing at Claire’s

What is the Cost of a Nose Piercing at Claire’s

Now, to the most important part, let’s discuss the price of the nose piercing at Claire’s, which can confuse people who live in different states and didn’t see the explicit prices. In most piercing studios, your piercer will charge you for the service of piercing, the stud or hoop you want to use, and additional aftercare kits.

If you’re frequent at getting piercings, chances are you already have the kit on you so they won’t charge it. Some piercers won’t charge you for the aftercare kits and it’s already included in the price, while others will just charge the surgical grade steel studs for the piercing.

One such place is Claire’s. You can get your nose pierced for free, as long as you purchase the nose piercing kit, which includes a piercing stud and an aftercare lotion. The price for the piercing has a range as Claire’s offers different piercing kits for you to start from.

Of course, you can buy hoops, and other studs at Claire’s online shop, but the nose piercing kits are ideal for someone who’s just getting started with piercings as they are made of materials that are hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation of the skin and other problems associated to it.

This way, you can determine the price of the piercing kits at Claire’s by choosing the piercing which is the most fitting for you. Here are the kits which we found on their site at the moment of writing this article. Keep in mind, however, that the new models arrive and replace the older models:

  • Clear Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit With Ear Care Solution – $56.99
  • Champagne Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit – $56.99
  • Flat Disc Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit – $56.99
  • Rose Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit – $56.99
  • Sapphire Crystal Titanium Nose Piercing Kit – $56.99

As you can see, all the studs have the same price and all enable you to get an ear aftercare kit that can be used with your nose piercing. Additionally, there are different colors to choose from, and the best part is that your child will not only stay fashionable with different styles but also wear hypoallergenic and safe titanium piercings.

Editor’s notes: Keep in mind that different additional fees will apply depending on how many piercings you want to do in your nose, as well as some policy restrictions which are based on the state or country that you’re from. Make sure to inform yourself through the website or contact Claire directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Claire’s website may be a bit overwhelming to surf online which is why we compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you answer all confusion you may have regarding getting the nose piercing at Claire’s.

What Does Claire Use for Piercings?

When getting your nose pierced at Claire’s there are two options that you will be presented with. One is to get pierced with a piercing gun and a needle. While it’s possible to use a piercing gun, note that it’s also more painful than getting pierced with a needle, as hard to imagine it is.

Many people also report that the healing process was also longer with the piercing gun than when they got pierced with a needle. Remember, that the choice is solely yours, but perhaps the experience of other people may help you feel more at ease when it comes to getting your nose pierced.

Can I Change Claire’s Nose Piercing?

Yes, Claire’s has a policy where you can get your piercing replaced after eight weeks of wearing the stud you got pierced with. You can upgrade it with a nose ring or a stud, depending on your preferences and which part of the nose you got pierced.

There’s also a special kit Rapid After-Care Cleanser at Claire’s which allows you to pick other piercings after only six weeks of healing. The cleanser costs $20 and will help soothe your piercing wound without causing infection after changing your piercing.

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How to Make an Appointment at Claire’s?

The easiest and best way to make an appointment at Claire’s is to do so on the website. After choosing your location on this page, you will be redirected to the local website once you choose the store in the given location.

You will have to choose what kind of nose piercing you’re getting from the ear lobe piercing and cartilage piercing and also specify whether you’re getting the piercing or someone else is getting pierced. You will also have to agree to the age consent restrictions to confirm that you’re not underage.

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