Shopping for any kind of artwork can present a difficult task if you are new to or unaware of what to look for. With the large size of the internet, there is a forest of eCommerce websites to browse through in which can prove to be time consuming and tiring at times. In this article, we will address the attributes of to make your life a little easier.

The Design of

At a first glance, the website is more than a sight for sore eyes; the website displays a very symmetrical, clean and properly colored look. Most importantly, the website is very simple and easy to use (even for those that still struggle to send an email). The site includes an easy to navigate main menu with the titles: ‘Wall Art’, ‘Home Décor’, ‘Pillows & Bedding’, ‘Bath’, ‘Tech’, ‘Stickers & Stationary’, ‘Apparel’, ‘Tabletop’, ‘Bags’ and ‘Featured’. Promotions (if any) can be seen via either a top bar or a tab on the right. For those that are on a hurry and not there to browse, there is a search bar located directly at the top of the page along the site’s logo. After creating and submitting a search term, the site offers a filtering option located to the left of the screen which allows you to double down on sub-categories within your search, including: ‘Department’, ‘Products’, ‘Color’ and the option to select between searching ‘Products’ or ‘People’.

At the bottom of the page, users are able to find the site social media accounts including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Contact information along with their newsletter and extra information about the company can be located on the bottom left of the website. Overall, the site’s design has been well designed and configured; good enough for an artistic eye, of course. Additionally, you can rest assured that your privacy is kept within good security as they possess an SSL Certificate (notified at the top of the browser).

About the Company

Created by founders Justin Cooper, Justin Willis and Lucas Tirigall-Castle in 2009, Society6 states that it is a source of access to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe. Society6 devotes their efforts in reproducing artists artwork with high quality materials and pay their artists with every purchase made. Operating as a subsidiary of Demand Media, Inc., Society6 LLC is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. With a count of around 61 employees, Society6 is estimated to gross a revenue stream of $5M per year. With a global rank of 8,372 (with it’s biggest popularity in the United States) and a United States rank of 2,964, pulls in roughly 6 million visitors per month as of recently.


How Does Selling Art on Society 6 Work?

Society6 offers a wide range of products based off of their artists artwork. These products include: pillows, bedding, bath products, stickers, clothing, tabletops, bags, decorative objects, wall art, more recently wall murals and many other items. One of the coolest of all the products, is of course the wooden wall art that can be purchased under the ‘Wall Art’ category; the sleek appeal and sense of naturality would complement any wall in any house, I would imagine. Though, there are many more outlets in which to express their artists work with a large amount of different items to place the art on. Out of most art eCommerce websites, Society6 is definitely a more versatile platform in which to devote your art searching time to.

Along with all of the commodities sold on Society6, they’ve also included a blog in which stories of artists and other interests are published. They offer the option to signup to receive updates on the blog posts, which is great if you are indeed fond of everything art.

Price Ranges

Being the more versatile and broad arrayed art website that Society6 is, it’s one of many accompanying benefits include it’s lower range of prices. With the option to purchase print versions of whatever art you fancy, prices can range to as low as $8. For most people, it is an attractive attribute, unless of course you drive a golden Lamborghini and strive for overly-priced fish eggs and artwork. Some of the more expensive alternatives on the website derive from the originals as well as wall murals. From time to time, the company also offers free world-wide shipping (for those maple syrup loving fellas up North), which is always a very attractive addition to anyone’s online shopping list. You will benefit the most if you are currently enrolled in school; Society6 offers a student discount for their beautiful products, which is a perfect option for students looking to fill up their new dorm room with extravagant beddings and wall art.

Quality of the Prints

After listening to reviews from contributing artists and consumers alike, it can be concluded that the quality of the prints from Society6 are more than good. Being a website dedicated to illustrations, it is only a natural inquisition to question the visual quality of such a service. The smaller items are reported to have greater clarity, likewise, the larger items on rougher material have lasting and precise print quality. This is a more common inquiry into services like this given that it is all to easy to fall into low quality printing services, though, the colors and details remain vibrant in every print. Even the more useful items that are made on Society6 such as phone cases, are reported to be of very good quality and durability. Which is a big plus, taking into account the fact that many people visit the website for that very item. Albeit, there are some issues reported with some items; if you are a fan of super crisp printings on T-shirts, then you may be disappointed with their T-shirt printing quality. Some users have reported that the print quality consists of dull and faded colors on the shirts; but if you are a fan of a softer tone and look, then this shouldn’t be unappealing. Overall, the quality of printing by Society6 is definitely a pro to their services, and with such a quality their price tags are fairly reasonable.


Customer Reviews

 With an average rating of 3.9/5 across,, and, there seems to be no prominent negativity in customer service to cause any avoidance from the website. From the seller’s perspective, the experience is reported to be a very simple and easy process to which the artist can quickly begin selling. Unlike some other artist medium websites, Society6 does not require an overage of personal information to get you going; after all, most of what Is required is simply a PayPal account and your own artwork. Considering the size of the website, the ratings that have accumulated are much more reliable. With this evidence in mind, it would be safe to say that you won’t run into any trouble during your interactions with the company.

Is the Website for You?

 Given the customer reviews reported on the website by both consumers and artists, the overall experience of Society6 is considered pleasing and not regrettable. If you are someone that is simply looking for highly prestigious content, originals, and gallery derived pieces, then Society6 may not be the best fit for you as they focus more upon production and usefulness merged with artwork than simply artwork itself. After all, Society6’s business model is based upon mass-producing an artist’s work with their printing services. As a person with a slightly above average interest in art, Society6 will fit like a glove; the prices are affordable, the content is gorgeous, and the products include useful items rather than simply decorative objects. Provided that the website derives it’s designs and artwork from a large pool of sources, it is consequently inevitable that you will arrive at a piece of your liking. On top of all of this, Society6 offers commissions for every person that you refer to the website (they of course have to make a purchase). It would be difficult to find many other contenders to a website like Society6 due to their abundance of contributing artists, with such, a visit to the website could do no harm.

From an artist’s point of view, it is definitely an easy way to make a quick buck. The signup process is relatively quick, simple and easy, and the payment gateway couldn’t be simpler; with the option to simply link your PayPal account for easy payments. Though, if you are hungry to obtain a higher price for your artwork sells, it may not be the best decision considering that you will only receive 10% of the total sell. Although, it still remains a not-so-bad deal considering that you don’t have to put much work in other than creating the art. The production, sells and distribution are entirely performed by In the end, whether you are an artist or an avid art consumer, has a spot open for you whenever you decide to drop by.

We enjoy this site so much that we’ve rated it in our “best of list” – check the link to see where else we recommend you look for art online.

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