For all of our ’90s kids’ readers, no introduction is needed for the legend that is Pogs. But, we still need to talk a bit about the origin and game association related to Pogs, in case some of you need a reminder, or a completely new to this term. Most of us know Pogs as the cardboard bottle caps kids used to collect and play with, usually in school during recess. 

Some of us even rocked Pogs after school, and many kids dedicated their time to collecting as many Pogs as possible. Nowadays, Pogs aren’t as popular as they used to be, but the 90s kids are now full-grown adults and a trip down memory lane is getting more and more pricey. 

Pogs is a term related to both bottle caps and the game, but in the following paragraphs, we’ll tackle the most expensive Pogs sold nowadays as vintage game pieces. So, if you’re looking to buy or sell, you’re in the right place. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Pogs – Everything You Need To Know

The Origin

Before we get into the main topic of the current Pogs value, we need to go through some of the essential info when it comes to these ‘bottle caps’. Many aren’t familiar with the actual origin of Pogs, so it is high time we learned about them. Pogs as a game actually has its origin in Japan, where hundreds of years ago a game called Menko was very popular. The game comprised of players trying to flip over their opponent’s cards, and ever since then, Menko-like games remained popular, reaching their global popularity in the 90s with Pogs. 

Hawaii seemed to be the melting pot of all Menko-like games; they even has games where players would stack up their cardboard inserts from milk bottle caps and try to flip them over. They would do this by simply throwing another cap at the stack. 

Another hundred years will pass, and the game of Pogs would be introduced to the general public and the kids of the 1990s. The story of ‘Pogs’ emerging popular starts with a teacher, Blossom Galbiso, who showed this ancient game to her elementary students. She used Haleakala caps for the game, but the kids started calling them Pogs. The term Pogs was officially coined in 1993 and trademarked by toy makers.

Ever since this moment, Pogs became a nationwide obsession, going so far that the schools even had to ban kids from bringing Pogs to the school. But, this didn’t stop the toy makers from advancing Pogs to the next level. Soon, they started releasing collectible Pogs featuring pop culture references (from The Simpsons, Power Rangers, etc.), which made Pogs a mainstream game.

How Much Did Pogs Cost?

Though there isn’t any exact information about the price of Pogs back in the day, people remember them being anywhere from 2.99 USD to 7 USD as the highest price (as CBC reported a few years ago). The most expensive Pogs were the ones featuring a holographic foil and a specific artwork. We do know that the toy makes made hundreds of millions of dollars selling Pogs around the country, and even overseas. Pogs was a fruitful business and seem to be so even nowadays.

Collectible and Rare Pogs

During the 1990s, Pogs were not just a game; they were a lifestyle for many kids, turning them into expert collectors of the best, most rare Pogs. Big companies caught up with the trend (seeing how profitable it was becoming), and started releasing special Pogs editions. For example, in 1995, McDonald’s released a special edition of Pogs featuring Power Rangers.

The Most Expensive Pogs – Collectible and Rare Pogs

During the ’90s, Nintento had a magazine called Nintento Power magazine. In 1995, they released a set of seven video games-related Pogs, for a price of 5 USD. Quickly, these Pogs became collectables and highly sought-after.

Pogs releases followed the then popular trends in pop culture, but also sports, and of course, movies. Since The Lion King was one of the most popular animated movie during the 1990s, a special Lion King edition of Pogs was released, which were acutally a part of the official movie merchandise.  You can buy vintage Lion King Pogs on sites like Etsy, for a rather good price, so make sure to check it out.

The Most Expensive Pogs – The Lion King

The Current Pogs Value (and The Most Expensive Pogs)

Currently, the original Pogs are sold for incredible prices. Maybe it is the resurgence of the 90s nostalgic, or simply wishful thinking of the good old days, but people are willing to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a set of the original 90s Pogs set. Here are the currently most expensive Pogs on the market;

Marilyn Monroe Pog

Even decades after her death, Marilyn Monroe is still one of the most important and most recognizable pop culture personalities. That is why the Marilyn Monroe Pogs edition is highly sought after even nowadays. Despite no active listing, it is believed that Monroe Pogs are worth anywhere between 750 USD and 1200 USD. 

The Most Expensive Pogs – Marilyn Monroe Pog

Topps Project Vladimir Guerrero Pog

Topps was a chewing gum company, popular for releasing baseball card sets. Their edition of Vladimir Guerrero baseball cards made history, so much so that Pogs released their own set of Vladimir Guerrero-inspired Pogs. They’re nowadays highly valuable, often sold for around 200 USD

The Most Expensive Pogs – Topps Project Vladimir Guerrero Pog

Stussy Collectible Pog

Stussy is a globally-recognized Californian manufacturer of high-quality surfboards. Ever since the ’80s, Stussy has become synonymous with handcrafter boards, so much so that they even reached a legendary pop culture status. Therefore, a rare Stussy collectible Pog is nowadays worth around 250 USD

The Most Expensive Pogs – Stussy Collectible Pog

Michael Jordan Milk Carton Pog

Michale Jordan, a legendary NBA basketball player, also found his place on a set of Pogs in 1995. This Pog release has created a Pog craze and has quickly become a collectors’ piece. Nowadays, you can purchase a Michael Jordan Pog for around 150 USD, in pristine condition. 

The Most Expensive Pogs – Michael Jordan Milk Carton Pog

Pele Metal Disc Pog

Pele, being one of the best football players ever, was rightfully featured on a vintage Pog edition in the 1960s. Nowadays, this Pog is exceptionally rare, and when sold, the price goes up to 80 USD, even if it’s not in a good condition. 

The Most Expensive Pogs – Pele Metal Disc Pog

NFL Hockey Pogs

The hockey craze was pretty serious in the 90s; with big names like Patrick Roy and Wayne Gretzky, baseball became an elite sport followed by millions of fans. And just like hockey cards became highly collectible and sought after, so did the hockey Pogs. Nowadays they’re pretty rare, and depending on the player depicted, they can be sold for around 100 USD.

The Most Expensive Pogs – NFL Hockey Pogs

FAQs Regarding Pogs

Where To Buy Pogs?

Unfortunately, Pogs aren’t that easy to come across nowadays. The toy makers stopped making them a long time ago, and online vintage sellers are probably your only option (unless you find some Pogs in your attic or garage). Here are some of the best places you can find unique, rare Pogs in good or even pristine condition;

  • eBay – of course, eBay is one of the best online marketplaces for everything vintage, including Pogs. There’s pretty much something for everyone and everyone’s budget. However, what we urge you is to be careful and really sift through the fake and newly-made Pogs, if you’re looking to purchase genuine, rare, 90s edition Pogs. 
  • Etsy – our favorite online marketplace to buy Pogs is, of course, Etsy. Here, you can find genuine vintage Pogs for a fraction of the price people would sell them for on other marketplaces. Sure, there is a variation in prices even here, but there’s something for everyone’s budget. You’ll come across genuine, vintage editions, and some newly-made Pogs as well, so make sure to really pay attention.
  • Amazon – here, you can purchase Pogs, but it will be rather hard to come across these highly valuable, rare Pogs editions. Most of the Pogs are newly made, mostly made of plastic, and intended for children. But, if this is what you’re looking for, you could come across some great sets and selections for great prices.

Best Pog Deals

If you’re looking to purchase a specific Pog, or Pogs in general, we recommend you check out private online collections that are currently being sold almost everywhere online, but the best places are  Etsy and eBay.

Why do we recommend this? Well, this is the best way the get your bang for the buck. People sell their Pogs collections for a fraction you’d pay for a single Pog that is potentially rare ir on exceptional condition. Sure, buying specific Pogs to add them to your collection makes perfect sense, but bulk-buying is more of a budget-friendly option, and there is always a chance you’ll get a rare Pog with the collection.

Are Pogs Worth Buying?

To be completely honest, we do not think Pogs are really worth the investment, unless you’re nostalgic and simply want to fulfill your own teenage dreams. If you do find some Pogs in your old attic or garage boxes, it would be a great thing to sell them. But, buying Pogs isn’t really an investment you should be dedicated to nowadays.

While some people do think they’re a great investment, we would just like to mention that Pogs aren’t made to be durable, the artwork might lose its vibrancy and, overall, they don’t really stand up to the test of time very well. In order to be preserved, Pogs need to be kept in special plastic, sealed containers, and that seems just a bit too much of a hassle. After all, it all comes down to your own preferences and idea of a good investment. But, considering the market value, we don’t see their worth really increasing.

Final Thoughts

Pogs have truly made an unexpected comeback in recent years, and we couldn’t be happier about this. Instead of spending hours on TikTok and Instagram, we can now use Pogs to spend time and play awesome games with our friends, even if we’re super too old for this. Pogs are a great, simple addition to a boring, online daily routine of today, and we strongly urge you to check your garage or attic for some old Pogs. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to walk down memory lane with us and feel, even for a second, like that carefree kid that you used to be in the 90s. 

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